Intermediate 30

― 30 days of Yoga ―

Thank you for signing up to "Intermediate 30"

30 days of class-style yoga.  We offer up to two classes at a time.  As a new lesson will be added every 10 to 14 days, you can enjoy minimum of four intermediate classes in 30 days. You also get a bonus lesson that teaches you the most basic way to “stand.”

Fixed Program

This is the fixed lesson that won’t change over time.  We will learn how to use our feet and use certain muscles. It covers the minimal basics that you need to know before starting to delve into asanas. 

Newest Two

Yoga programs under this section will be renewed every 10-14 days. During your sign-up month, you should be able to take at least four programs if you come back often enough.  
Please note that these are for the intermediate yoga practitioners. Listen to the teacher’s commands and enjoy yoga safely!